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How Three Simple Habits Can Radically Transform Your Legacy 

The Rethinking Manhood Legacy Builders Package

Product Summary

  • Hardcover Rethinking Manhood Course
  • Digital Copy of Rethinking Manhood
  • ​Psalms 90:12 Hardcover Notebook
  • ​Exclusive Men's 5 Year Journal
  • ​Rethinking Manhood Bookmark

All for $129.00


Rethinking Manhood Course

Over the course of nine weeks, expect to radically transform your life, faith, and relationships with those around you.  Journey a proven, step by step path as you create and learn the RIGHT habits to create the lasting legacy of a godly leader.

Rethinking Manhood:  Digital Copy

Designed for men on the go.  The full Rethinking Manhood Course is now digital.  Contains multiple copies of the weekly exercises so you can share them with your friends.  Easily repeat the course every few months to make sure you're on track.  

Psalm 90:12 Notebook

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." - Psalms 90:12
Record and document this journey as you work through the daily and weekly exercises in Rethinking Manhood. 

Men's 5 Year Journal

Designed for the man on the go. Capture how God is working in your life, with five lines a day, over five years. You'll never know how God is working in your life, until you record it. 

Men's Bookmark

Keep track of your progress and stop wasting your time finding where you left off.  Never lose track of your progress with one of the six exclusive men's bookmarks for Rethinking Manhood!


Finally, gain the clarity and confidence to leave a lasting legacy and live a life without regret ...

From:  Adam Renico
Grand Rapids, Michigan

My name is Adam Renico and I'm the founder of the Renico Group.

You've probably never heard of me, but 11 years ago and a mere six months into my marriage, my wife and I were about to call it quits.

I still remember standing in our room throwing my ring on our bed, seconds away from calling everything off... 

No one ever warned me that marriage was going to be this hard.  I thought I had read the right books, did the right preparation, talked to the right people and went to the right pre-marriage classes.  But why was I still about to leave my wife?

Nothing prepared me for this...  

Fast forward a few years and my wife and I are sitting, stunned in a doctor's office, with the devastating news that we can't have kids.  With a 2% chance of IVF working, the odds didn't look good.  

A couple of years later, with mixed emotions, I decide to walk away from our family business due to choices and market conditions I never saw coming.

By most accounts, my life and marriage should have ended years ago...

Yet here I am today, years later, living a life without regret and building a lasting legacy thanks to a specific plan that's centered around strategic God designed habits, which have revolutionized my life forever.  
For example: 

  • Vibrant and Growing Faith Life
  • Still Happily Married
  • Two Great Kids
  • ​Leader Within My Church Community
  • ​Clarity On Who God Is Calling Me to Be
  • ​A Focused Plan and Legacy, Designed to Outlive Me
  • ​Clarity and Passion For What Matters the Most

So...What Is This Specific And Detailed Plan?

(And How Can You Use Strategic Godly Habits To Transform Your Life?!?!)

Over the past few years, Christian men have started to ditch the worldly and outdated model of leadership and have embraced a new way of leading.

The old way of leadership is littered with shallow promises, empty platitudes and a "me first" attitude.  At the end of their life, most men who follow the world's leadership path look back with regret and disappointment of what they wish their life was.  But you don't have to be one of those men...

Leave a Lasting Legacy and Avoid Lifelong and Transform Your Life By Applying the Courageous Godly Habits Discovered Within Rethinking Manhood:

  • Strained relationships
  • Broken promises
  • Missed engagements
  • ​Uncertainty with life
  • ​Dissatisfied with career
  • ​Questioning skills and abilities
  • ​Inconsistent leader at home, church and work
  • ​Struggling marriage
  • ​Disconnected with your kids
  • ​Limited faith life
  • Understands the first things first principle
  • ​Begins with the end mind
  • ​A vibrant faith life
  • ​Leader within their home, church and community
  • ​Walk matches the talk
  • ​Healthy and vibrant relationships
  • ​Restored closeness with wife and kids
  • ​In-step with God's will
  • ​A peace and confident assuredness of the future
  • ​Builds a lasting legacy

Inside of Rethinking Manhood...

Here Are A Few Of The Godly Habits You'll Discover!

Inside of Rethinking Manhood I will be sharing with you the nine crucial habits, over the course of nine weeks that are necessary to help you discover God's calling in your life.  Learn how to lead your wife and family with courage and clarity, transform your relationships and build a legacy that will last a lifetime.

Part #1: Personal Transformation

WEEK #1 INTRODUCTION & SELF EVALUATION:  You'll never know where you want to go unless you first create a plan. Learn the two key questions to develop a godly plan and the secret of how to properly evaluate yourself if you want to see results. 
WEEK #2 ENERGY:  Learn the best way to begin implementing your plan for immediate results.  In order to see those results, you need to create one key habit first.  
WEEK #3 SEEKING CLARITY:  This one principle alone is worth it's weight in gold.  Learn the number one habit to starting your day and week right and how to repeat day after day.  Once mastered, you'll never look at your schedule the same.

Part #2: Relationship Transformation

WEEK #4 LEADING YOUR WIFE:  Are you a "one-woman" kind of man?  Are you the type of leader she needs you to be?  Learn the habits of how to love, lead and speak to your wife in her language while bringing that spark back to your own marriage. 
WEEK #5 LEADING YOUR FAMILY:  Do you know your biggest mission field?  How do you become the father your kids need you to be? The world can be a dangerous place, learn how to best begin equipping the next generation of believers.
WEEK #6 THE POWER OF FOCUS & PRODUCTIVITY:   How big of an impact do your actions really have?  The habits discussed here are part of the foundation in a godly leader and helps to keep your focus and priorities on the ultimate prize.

Part #3: Legacy Transformation

WEEK #7 CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE:  Learn if the biggest influences in your life are in the way of God's calling and how to fix it.  This habit will revolutionize all relationships in your life and teach you how to surround yourself with those that matter.
WEEK #8 LIVING COURAGEOUSLY:  Learn why always listening to others will doom you to failure.  The key to this habit will impact all areas of your life including your family, work, community, finances and more.  Those closet to you, won't even recognize you after this week.
WEEK #9 LEAVING A LEGACY:  Learn the simple act that will send ripples through your family tree and forever change your legacy.  How you embrace this habit will build the foundation of your godly legacy for many generations to come.

So What Are You Waiting For...

Busy Christian men, you don't have to wait to leave a lasting legacy.  Take out the uncertainty and confusion today!

What Are Other Men Saying About Rethinking Manhood 

Matt A., Digital Marketer

"I purchased Adam’s course in Sep 2020 and am supremely glad I did. He has laid a great track for Christian men who want to move from where they are to where they want to be. I can’t recommend enough that you subscribe to his blog and purchase a copy for yourself."

Leigh G., Business Owner

"I wish more men had Adam's passion for leadership, family and helping other Christian men.  Now, more than ever do men need a step by step guide on what real biblical masculinity looks like.  This is that guide.  Purchase a copy for yourself today."

Craig F., Business President

"Adam and the Renico Group are working on something great with Rethinking Manhood.  I'm quite impressed by his faith and desire to really connect and address the problems that Christian men struggle with."

Let me show you EVERYTHING Your Get When Your Order the Rethinking Manhood Bundle Today!

  • Hardcover Copy of Rethinking Manhood Course
  • ​Digital Copy of Rethinking Manhood Course
  • Limited Edition Psalm 90:12 Hardcover Notebook
  • ​Exclusive Men's 5 Year Journal
  • Exclusive Men's Bookmark

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TOTAL VALUE: $347.00


You Pay Only $129.00


Here's My Crazy Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that if you show up, you'll love this course bundle, or I'll return you the $129 exclusive price for this course and let you keep everything.  I promise that if you put in the hard work, pray and earnestly seek God's will you will gain the clarity and confidence necessary to live a life without regret and create a lasting legacy built on courageous godly habits.

When we fully put our faith and transformation in God's hands, He doesn't promise us that it will be easy but He DOES promise that it will be worth it.  Hold on to your hats, say your prayers and get ready to become the godly leader you were made to be.  

What do you have to lose?

The RENICO GROUP- RETHINKING MANHOOD - Copyright ©2020 - all rights reserved
The RENICO GROUP- RETHINKING MANHOOD - Copyright ©2020 - all rights reserved
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