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Creating a Plan = Gamechanger!

" As a busy Christian husband, it's a struggle just to make it through the day.  Being a dad, husband and entrepreneur is exhausting.  
The thing is, at the time , I was having a hard time staying consistent with pray and time with God.  This notebook has been a game changer."  
- Tim M.
Sales Manager
From The Desk Of Adam Renico
The big problem was that I never had a plan on how to consistently connect with God.

That meant I was inconsistent, jumping from Bible study, to prayer time, to devotionals, to small group using a bunch of notebooks along the way to keep me organized.  I got so bad that I had three different  notebooks just to keep track of which commitment I was going to.  On more than one occasion I would grab the wrong notebook on my way to small group, only to feel embarrassed when it was my time to share and I realized I grabbed the wrong notebook. 

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened... I met with a friend after small group who pulled me aside and shared a secret with me I'll never forget about having one dedicated location to record and keep organized all of his time with God.

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to stay focused to become the godly leader my family needed me to be, because I saw with the right tools I could courageously lead them anywhere.

My plan was to create an obvious and dedicated notebook, specifically designed to keep all of my notes, prayers and time with God together in one location.  More importantly, I needed it to stick out and be different than any other notebook I owned.  I needed it to reflect who I really wanted to become, a God-filled leader.  But I didn't stop there.

I then branched out to helping other men do lead their families, share their faith and build lasting godly legacies.  

After that, I built out a nine week course, calling Rethinking Manhood, teaching other Christian men a step by step plan guaranteed to help them embrace God's plan for their life and courageously lead their family.  

Building on the success of Rethinking Manhood, I decided to create the Men's 5 Year Journal, teaching other Christian men how only five lines and five minutes can radically transform themselves and their family. 

With this arsenal at my disposal, myself and other Christian men can now take on any obstacle we may encounter, lead our family with clarity, and effectively pass on our faith to the next generation... all with a clear and unshakable plan, built on God-sized habits!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you, because this Psalms 90:12 Hardcover Notebook is the first step so you can get these types of results too!
What's Included?!

Limited Edition Psalm 90:12 Hardcover Notebook

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalms 90:12

If You Don't Chart Your Journey, Did It Really Happen?

Record your habits, take notes and map out God's plan for you.

If you want to see real progress, change and growth in your life, you CAN'T do it passively. God never called you to be passive but instead He wants us to be an active partner, but to be a good partner you need to actively participate in your transformation.

With a durable hardcover design, keep safe and secure your recorded journey towards a godly legacy, making sure it lasts for generations to come so you can share your wisdom with others.


  • Ink-proof Paper : Medium (A5) notebook with 80 gsm paper and 192 pages
  • Opens Flat: Record your thoughts and notes at all angles, without compromising integrity of the spine
  • Elastic Closure Band: Secure your content with the elastic closure band and inner gusseted pocket. Page marker included for easy access to specific pages.
PLUS FREE Bonus Materials

21 Must Read Books to Grow as a Christian Leader

I’ve spent over a decade running multiple companies and pouring over every leadership book I could get my hands on to help grow myself and those companies. 

As the years progressed, I kept finding more and more leadership books had great elements, but rarely did I find one that was written with a strong biblical perspective. And when I did find one written with a Christ-focused perspective, many times their message stood in contrast to the other popular self-help and leadership books I’d read.

You begin to learn that if you want to run you life differently, then the sources from your leadership advice, guidance and development must be different too.

Download this guide to learn:

  • How to pinpoint the exact book you need on your leadership journey
  • Which books will help you become a godly leader today
  • A detailed synopsis of the key takeaways from each book
  • ​​The perfect target audience for the author's message
  • ​​The single best step to take on your path towards becoming the godly leader you've always wanted to be, but never knew how

Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool

It would be foolish to become a salesperson if you’d rather be an artist painting pictures. In the same way we pursue our employment and work goals, based on our interests, abilities and experience, we should pursue our spiritual service based on how God has uniquely designed you, with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
These gifts aren’t reserved for just church workers, they can be used anywhere, including your church, work, home and more.
These gifts from the Holy Spirit are often dived into three different classes of gifts: Service Gifts, Speaking Gifts and Signifying Gifts.
Download this Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool to learn:

  • How to quickly pinpoint the exact spiritual gifts God has blessed you with
  • Which abilities come naturally to you and which do you struggle with
  • A detailed synopsis of the key professions for each spiritual gift
  • ​​​The friend's ranking system, and why it's crucial to your spiritual maturity
  • The single best step to take on your path towards serving God and finding everlasting happiness


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FREE Psalms 90:12 Notebook

Psalm 90:12 Hardcover Notebook

($35 Value)

"Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalms 90:12.  

If You Don't Chart Your Journey, Did It Really Happen?

Record your habits, take notes and map out God's plan for you. 

21 Must Read Book Guide

($30 Value)

21 Must Read Books to Grow as a Christian Leader

Struggling to lead? Lost and uncertain with God's plan for your life? This guide is the first place to start.  Identify the exact books necessary to start becoming the leader God designed you to be. 

Broken out into the five major leadership areas men struggle with today.  There's no excuse to start leading today!

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

($30 Value)

Our Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool has been designed to help you identify the unique spiritual gifts God has blessed you with. Stop aimless wondering how you can best lead at church and plugin to where you will really shine.
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  • Psalm 90:12 Hardcover Notebook ($35 Value)
  • 21 Must Read Book Guide ($30 Value)
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment ($30 Value)
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