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Struggling to lead?  Lost and uncertain with God's plan for your life?

Our Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool is the first place to start

Spiritual Gifts

Our Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool has been designed to help you identify the unique spiritual gifts God has blessed you with.  Stop aimless wondering how you can best lead at church and plugin to where you will really shine.

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Discovering Spiritual Gifts


It would be foolish to become a salesperson if you’d rather be an artist painting pictures. In the same way we pursue our employment and work goals, based on our interests, abilities and experience, we should pursue our spiritual service based on how God has uniquely designed you, with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

These gifts aren’t reserved for just church workers, they can be used anywhere, including your church, work, home and more.

These gifts from the Holy Spirit are often dived into three different classes of gifts: Service Gifts, Speaking Gifts and Signifying Gifts.

Download this Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool to learn:

  • How to quickly pinpoint the exact spiritual gifts God has blessed you with
  • Which abilities come naturally to you and which do you struggle with
  • A detailed synopsis of the key professions for each spiritual gift
  • ​The friend's ranking system, and why it's crucial to your spiritual maturity
  • ​The single best step to take on your path towards serving God and finding everlasting happiness
 We Respect Your Privacy - We Will Not Sell, Rent Or Spam Your Email...
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